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Amy Thomson Entrepreneur and Founder of Seen Presents

We spoke to Amy Thomson Entrepreneur and Founder of Seen Presents. Seen Presents create live experiences that use the power of art and science to bridge the gap between digital and the physical. Seen Presents specialise in creating environments and experiences that are unique to each of the brands that they represent. Their clients include Facebook, Nike, Instagram and Sony Music. Amy founded the company in her early twenties, the team has grown incredibly over the last few years and they now have offices in London and New York.

Amy discusses how she started Seen Presents, advice for her younger self, her personal icons, creating the Lunar and Flo app and the biggest challenges facing women in the workplace.

Tell me how Seen Presents started?

We started the agency with a belief that events and brand experiences should drive social content and audience lead brand communication. We launched in 2011, just as social became an integral part of marketing spend, driving more need for events to be digitally enabled. We were really lucky to then start working with brands like Nike and Microsoft.

What’s the best piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

Take a chill pill! Enjoy the highs, as the lows will always happen!

Who are you icons?

I am a creepy career stalker and love to follow anyone innovating in their field! Have been following Ida Tin recently, as she is a huge innovator in the fem tech sector. I would say my biggest and most consistent stalk is Arianna Huffington. I don’t think she ever says anything that isn’t ON POINT!

You are also working on an exciting new app Lunar and Flo, which I personally cannot wait to download. How did Lunar and Flo come about?

Lunar and Flo is a period tracking app, that tracks your cycle, mood and other factors like the moon and weather, to give women a forecast of their cycle and mood month ahead. The app will give you an indication of days to ‘watch out for’ along with supplement recommendations and pro-active wellness solutions such as diet and exercise for certain days you will need to re focus. The ambition is to help women see their cycle as a re set button and to connect women all over the world by this single unifying fact! Body to body communication!

The idea came about as I didn’t have a period for six months due to stress. Sounds obvious, but It was only then I realised the impact stress and your mood have on your cycle, but there was no app or technology for me to track my mood and cycle, just fertility or sex ed apps. Your period is actually a great way to track your monthly mood and understand how to use this data to inform a more focused and positive attitude. When you have the right information, anything is possible!

Top 3 tips to landing a job in your industry

  1. Research: Be clear on what type of job you want, why you want it and the agencies or businesses that provide these careers or opportunities. Always try and share how you have understood why you would be helping support their teams or business. The event industry is broad and you need to know what bit you want to tap into
  2. Experience: the event industry is very very hands on, ensure you gain as much experience as possible. Events is about getting stuck in and getting your hands dirty
  3. Make friends: Whether rightly or wrongly the industry is built on relationships. Get out there and network and meet people

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing women in the work place?

Rising stress levels and more expectation for women to be the most highly achieving they can be at all times. This ‘expectation’ seems to be driven by the individual due to societal pressure. Women and men are different and the work place is a better place with a balance. The challenge is finding this balance and ensuring we are building more collaborative workspaces, not work places defined by gender or stereotypes.

What are your favourite flowers?

OBSESSED with hydrangeas

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