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Interview with Josie Ross, Founder of Eleven Healing

I have been seeing Josie, Founder of Eleven healing for Reiki treatments for the past six months and I can honestly say they have been such transformational experiences. I have loved seeing the results and it encouraged me to delve further into Reiki by enrolling onto Eleven Healing’s Level 1 Reiki course. I sat down with Josie to discuss the origins of Eleven Healing and her plans for the next six months including retreats and a new residency at the Re:mind studio in Victoria.

Tell me about the origins of Eleven healing?

Eleven Healing is the name of my healing practice which was born 4 years ago in the Summer of 2014. In numerology 11 is known as a Master number and it holds the vibration of balance. It represents the perfect harmony between masculine and feminine, light and dark, spirit and matter. It is known as the great messenger, teacher and illuminator because it brings shifts, transformation and spiritual enlightenment. I have felt a strong connection to 11 since I started seeing 11.11 all the time in 2010 and it soon became such a significant part of my journey, almost like a guide nudging me along the way and giving me signs towards my true path. Through my healing practice my intention is to help others to find balance on all levels of being – physical, spiritual, emotional and mental and to help people to awaken to the magic and beauty that lies within through opening the heart and mind.

When did you first discover your healing abilities?

I had some intense experiences with spirit as a young child which I never fully understood until I was older. I was always drawn to see tarot readers and mediums as a young girl and I will never forget finding a reading from when I was 13 years old. The medium told me I had an emotional gift to give to others but I was not ready yet. I did not remember this until I found the recorded reading a couple of years ago. I had moved to London in my early twenties and got wrapped up in a toxic lifestyle, until I had a very intense awakening to my healing abilities in 2010 when I was around 22 years old. It was intense because it was completely unexpected and I did not fully understand it at first. I became aware of energy in my hands and I began seeing energy too. I was eventually drawn to use my hands on friends and I could instantly feel blockages in the energy field so I would just allow my hands to be guided to do whatever needed to be done to transmute the blockage. I did not even know what Reiki was back then so energy healing was all very new to me which meant I was just constantly exploring and in turn having profound experiences. It was as if a switch just went on but at the same time it was already within me so it felt more like an ancient remembrance. A reminder of who I truly am. It was completely overwhelming and heart opening in ways I had never experienced before. Suddenly I had such purpose because I knew that being in healing service to others was my true path. My calling quite literally found me and changed my entire life along the way. Slowly everything I ever knew fell away as I walked closer and closer to my truth. I done a lot of self-discovery and self-healing over the following years which eventually led me to take the next step to launch Eleven Healing a few years later.

You are an intuitive energy and sound healer, what can clients expect from a session?

I treat each session as its own sacred ceremony as I love to create a nurturing energy in the healing space and bring a bit of magic into each session with serene sounds and lovely smells to help people to truly let go. I use my alchemy crystal singing bowls, chimes and voice during the session which really deepens the experience and brings new elements to the healing.

Some of the things people have experienced in sessions would be a deeper state of consciousness, relaxation, visions, memories of the past, emotional release, pain relief and a sense of unconditional love. I have learned from client experiences over the years that the sessions can feel very physical in terms of the shifts and movement felt in the body and energy during the session. On my side, energy feels very tangible with my hands so I always call it an energy operation because it feels like I am guided to go around every part of the energy field and physical body to find any knots, weaknesses and blockages to smooth everything out and raise the vibration. This basically puts the client into a state of harmony and balance within which ignites the bodies natural healing process to take place.

Every session is so unique depending on the persons needs at that time though which is beautiful as it means you just let go of any expectations and allow it to unfold completely naturally. There really are no limits to the healing potential of energy healing. As well as working with emotional and mental health, I also work with lots of physical issues too such as IBS, Sciatica, Eczema, Cancer and pain.

This summer marks the start of your yearly retreats, what exciting plans do have in store for attendees?

Nurture Retreat is happening on 12th-15th May in the most beautiful grounds of my mum and step-dads home ‘Le Chateau De La Motte’ in France. It is now fully booked which is so exciting! I am very grateful to have such a wonderful group of souls on board including a great team to support and help create the magic! The retreat will be a few days of self-exploration through sound healing, yoga, vegan food, singing, mantra, meditation, cacao ceremonies around the fire and energy healing.

I have always been so inspired by the beautiful sound healing or meditation events that happen in London because for a couple of hours you come together to connect and release in such a beautiful way and then walk out of the event feeling an open heart with tons of energy and inspiration to move forward. I knew I wanted to help make this happen for people on a bigger scale where likeminded souls can come together to connect and expand for a few days in nature to truly integrate it all. I held a sound healing event for my 30th Birthday at 42 Acres Shoreditch last year to bring friends together in a sacred space and it had such a profound effect on everyone that I felt so strongly that it was time to create a retreat.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I have come to realise there is no such thing as a typical day when you are a healer – It seems every day varies which I do love! I work 5-6 days a week. When I am not in one to one sessions in my Dalston practice, I am teaching Reiki, cleansing spaces or sharing group sound healing sessions at Re:Mind Meditation Studio in Victoria.

Your new space looks incredible, what items do you like to surround yourself with?

It has lots of natural light which is super important to me and everyone seems to love the natural light flooding into the room for the sessions as it feels very warm and safe. I love to surround myself with crystals, candles, plants and calming essential oils. I also like to keep my space cosy with lovely pillows and rugs. I love to create a sacred space because it helps people to feel peaceful and at ease from the moment they step inside the door.

And lastly, what are your favourite flowers?

Lavender has always been one of my absolute favourites. I absolutely love the vivid violet colour of the flowers and the small is divine. Lavender is known for helping people to relax and get into a meditative state to connect spiritually. There is something about the purity of energy I feel from White Roses which I love too.

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