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Interview with Lauren Crispin Co-Owner of The Mews Bridal

We sat down and chatted with Lauren Crispin Co-Owner of The Mews Bridal. Who now have three gorgeous bridal shops in Notting Hill, Bristol and New York and they specialise by selling only french designers.

How did the Mews Bridal start?

As the name suggests, The Mews began on a quaint little Mews in Bristol. Gail opened her first boutique, while Lauren went to school and then pursued her ballet career. Then, after Lauren spent time in France and discovered their bridal designers, she knew she had to bring them to the UK. Eventually Lauren joined Gail and they opened up their London boutique.

 What influenced the decision to stock only french designers?

The French have an unparalleled attention to detail – a standard of work they completely set for themselves. It’s as if the commercial success of their work is an after thought, every intricate detail is executed with a precision and passion that reflects everything they stand for. But besides the quality, what draws us to French designers is the way they marry elegance with ease. Classicism with nonchalance. It’s a juxtaposition they execute in a way no one else can, and a balance that’s allowed us to carve out such a well defined niche in the market.

I have found instagram to be an invaluable tool, you have such a well curated page do you find it translates into new clients or continues to build an online community?

We are obsessed with Instagram for us it is a visual moodboard for our aesthetic and the brand we have built. A lot of our brides find us through our Instagram profile it really is an invaluable tool. I don’t know how a bride can plan a wedding without Instagram and Pinterest.

With a total of three Mews bridal stores including a recently opened New York store, what are your plans for the new year?

We are introducing The Mews to the North! We will be hosting a pop-up for one week only in November this year which we are incredibly excited about! We will be in Manchester from 6th-12th November, book now appointments are booking up  fast!

There are also a few ideas in the pipeline for some more Mews openings but you will have to watch this space!

What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs?

Be fearless in your approach. If you want something, no one’s going to be more passionate about that than you are.

How do you find working with family?

My mother and I have always been close, so having an excuse to spend more time with her is always a plus! It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to work with her on a professional level and really learn from her 20 plus years of experience. I can tell you there is nothing better than the accomplishments a mother-daughter team can achieve. We learn from each other daily.

And lastly, what are your favourite flowers?

Peonies and Hydrangeas are my favourites also any type of foliage, I am obsessed with eucalyptus! Brides definitely need to invest on flowers for their wedding day it really does frame the whole image of the wedding.

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