Interview with interior designer Sophie Paterson

Here at Wild Wood London we adore interior design almost as much as flowers and spend hours pouring over interior design magazines. Recently featured in the highly acclaimed Andrew Martin’s design review Sophie Paterson Interiors have had a meteoric rise since starting in 2008.

We spoke to Sophie design director of Sophie Paterson Interiors, my sister and best friend about her plans for the future, dream projects and combining work with motherhood.

How did you get into interior design?

I was asked by a property developer to help with the interiors in their latest development- they had visited my home and loved how i’d decorated my own home.It was definitely a leap of faith by them and it was scary for me to do something that i’d always been so passionate about as a hobby and face the possible failure and judgement that that could entail. But Kevin my husband told me to stop worrying about what could happen and go for it. It was such a great opportunity that to this day I am so grateful for. I can’t imagine what I would do if i wasn’t an interior designer.After that first job I did a couple more projects with the developer before I started getting private jobs from people who had seen my work in magazines- I did professional photo shoots right from the start and my own PR to get some coverage and I also embraced social media right from the beginnning- I got 2 or 3 jobs through my Facebook page. 9 years later I love my job just as much, experience is the best teacher and i’m a much better designer now than I was then but I feel just as excited when we start a new project.

Three top tips for getting into interior design?

Study CAD or interior architecture if you can- both are very useful skills that will make you a more attractive employee. Make yourself useful- if you get the chance to be an intern do everything you can to make yourself helpful – whether that’s making tea/ organising the sample boxes/ collecting post/ or making suggestions of what you could do. Have no ego as despite our reputation there is no room for egos in interiors if you’re serious about getting the job done.

What would be your dream project? 

I love working on period properties in London with tall ceilings and beautiful original features. I particularly enjoy working on full renovation projects where you see a huge transformation. I also love working on international projects – i love the change of scene and challenge that comes with designing a project overseas. Creatively I love exploring new styles and finishes that are appropriate in different settings.

How are you finding motherhood with running a successful business

I am happier than ever. I feel so content, calm and fulfilled. Motherhood is everything I hoped it would be and more. I had a night nanny for the first 12 weeks during the week to help me sleep and ensure that I could function during the day. It was a godsend for ensuring that I started motherhood in the right frame of mind with all the support I needed. Now I have a great support network and whilst it isn’t always easy I think a lot of things depend on your attitude- I was determined to make it work as I love my job but I also want to be a present mum and I want to enjoy watching her do things for the first time.

I wake up at 5.45am to give myself an hour or so to focus on things that I want to achieve before Ava wakes up at 7am- whether thats working out/ checking over contracts/ designing- you gave me the miracle morning book over Christmas which I loved and it was such a relevation as I never thought i’d be the kind of person that would get up that early and love it!!

Who inspires you?

People who pursue their dream, take responsibility for their actions and are honest. Different people in my life inspire me at different times and for different reasons. I try to make sure I always tell them at the time too- it’s good to spread that positivity and recognition.Travel is also a big one, in the next 4 months I’m travelling to California, Mexico and Ibiza and I always feel so alive, rejuvenated and inspired when I’m travelling and when I return home after travelling. Lastly I love Pinterest and Instagram for a quick 5 minute inspiration search- not necessarily just for work but for a new recipe/ activity/ or some styling/ garden design. I find inspiration everywhere and find as I get older I’m more open to inspiration from different avenues.

What are you favourite flowers? 

Roses, hydrangeas, peonies, tulips, berries, thistles, Orchids.. I love them all!

For the latest interior design inspiration check out Sophie Paterson Interiors instagram account and view our new collection of faux plants and flowers ideal for those finishing touches for your home.


Wild Wood London has grown from a love of flowers and plants and building long-lasting relationships with interior designers and corporate or private clients who trust us enough to work on multiple projects.  

Charlotte x

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