Jody Shield- Author, Speaker and Modern healer

Jody Shield is one of London’s most revered healers and her clients are the who’s who of the wellbeing, fashion, art and tech industries. 

I was first introduced to Jody’s work at a Sheerluxe event in 2016, where Jody gave a guided meditation to a room of two hundred people. I found Jody’s approach and presence a truly incredible experience and have continued to follow her journey ever since.

I jumped at the chance to sit down and have a chat with Jody on how exactly she became an author, speaker and modern healer. We also discussed her top tips for introducing meditation into your life, her definition of success and the advice she would give to her younger self.

How did you first introduce meditation into your life?

It all started when I was in Peru about six and a half years ago. One part of the trip included a plant medicine ceremony and the way we were asked to prepare for this was in the form of meditation. I had never meditated before and it was great to learn in a very supportive place in the heart of the jungle, without technology or distractions making it easier to quiten down.

I came back to London for a small period of time and then returned to South America during my sabbatical and traveled to Eucador. I ended up in this house and at the start I didn’t want to interact with anyone. I started to spend two hours meditating daily, an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening and also practised with an indigenous tribe.

What are your three top tips for someone who hasn’t meditated before?

Firstly, I would suggest to start with a guided meditation as it is extremely difficult for our western minds to go into a complete state of meditation straight away. Our busy brains are constantly overloaded that it can be hard to make the switch into a different brainwave state. Your mind can be in a state of resistance and it will try and keep you protected sometimes unnecessarily but when you meditate it can be very transformative and uncertain.

Secondly practice, practice and practice! It takes time to really allow yourself to be ok with not getting it straight away. You need to create time and space to make it a regular part of your day.

Lastly, I would suggest to dedicate a small area in your home where you feel comfortable and make it your sanctuary, purchase a meditation cushion as it will really help aid your meditation practice.

I have just finished reading your book LifeTonic – A modern toolbox to heal your life and soothe your soul. How did the book come about?

I spent about three months writing the book and the process took five months in total. I wanted to create a toolbox of techniques with the book and tools to help people to heal and solve their modern woes. Over time I was teaching people really simple self-help techniques on stage and in their offices.

I wanted to collate all of the kit in a centralised place and include everything I had learnt at various points of my life and make it really easy, an introductory guide to self- help and spirituality. I also wanted to place an emphasis on practical learning and in each chapter there is an exercise to explore.

With workshops, one to one private mentoring and a recently released book what are your plans for the future?

We are running Love Tonic again. A workshop on love and relationships which will be held in November. We are also going to start of a series of podcasts which will be put into motion in the next month or so and lastly I would love to explore the online course market.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Life is a really big journey and it is full of twists and turns. Its just about moving forward, sometimes fast and sometimes slow and it is not a race and you will be really supported along the way and know that you are on the right track.

What is the best platform to find you on?

I love connecting with people and the below social media channels are the best places to find me.



You Tube channel

And, Lastly what are your favourite flowers?

Lillies, Garden roses and Jasmine.Click on the link below to find out the latest news on Jody’s Events and Services.


Wild Wood London has grown from a love of flowers and plants and building long-lasting relationships with interior designers and corporate or private clients who trust us enough to work on multiple projects.  

Charlotte x

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